Top Sao Paulo Attractions

Sao Paulo is a home of diversity as it is the home to the largest population of Japanese outside of Japan, as well as a significant number of Europeans, Arabians, Africans and the Jews. The influence of the outside world on its history and culture has made the city an expedition site for travelers and visitors all over the world. In fact, one of the most interesting attractions in Sao Paulo is the museum devoted to Japanese immigration. The size of the city is a unique feature of the city which travelers can only get a good grasp of from the observation deck of the 46-story Italia building on Avenida Ipiranga. Some of Sao Paulo's famous attractions you should explore on your vacation include Museu de Arte, Football Museum, ibirapuera Park, Avenida Paulista, Parque Independancia and Museu Paulista.

How to explore Sao Paulo attractions? You can jump on a Sao Paulo bus sightseeing tour to get familiar with the city’s ambience while you listen to live commentary on board and soak in the views of the city’s famous attractions. Some travelers take walking tours or bike tours instead. These are one of the most sought after tours where you will interact closer to the city locals, have a chance to communicate with the locals and participate in more street activities. Furthermore, you can take museum tickets or book a cultural and history tour. These will help you explore the city’s history that dates far back to its founding in 1554 and the bandeirantes age. Your trip is not complete if you don’t take a cruise tour or a shore excursion! Families with kids and couples will definitely find this one of the most interesting activities that will take them out of the city’s busy roads and relax them on the shores.

Other options like night things to do in Sao Paulo and day trips from Sao Paulo are all included in the list of activities to do in Sao Paulo below. These options are picked among numerous other tickets in Sao Paulo by reading numerous travelers’ comments. We also compare prices from top suppliers to help travelers with options that will fit their budgets. In addition is a pool of information about each option so you won’t choose blindly. You have all it takes for a beautiful vacation experience, so, Go for it!

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